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About Metafraze

We believe language brings people together. We are not just an LSP, we are a full-service language partner.

The Challenge

We provide our clients with the best service, speed and accuracy in translation & localization services that are requested by general inquiries and corporate clients. More and more companies doing business in more than one language are faced with the challenge of providing volumes of data in the native languages of their clients, including help sites, social media, wikis, blog content (e.g., posts, comments), knowledge bases, online newspapers and websites. The volume of data and costs for human translation can quickly become prohibitive. What’s the right solution?

Our Services

Our Solution

For some companies, the right solution is machine translation. Depending on volume of content to meet your customers’ needs, multiplying that by the number of languages you need to support, machine translation may be the right solution for you. Metafraze is a translation agency that specializes in providing the right translation solution, whether that is machine translation or not, customized with the quality and cost savings for your specific needs.

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Why Choose Us?

Certified Linguists
Relationship Focused
Affordable Rates
Fast Turnaround
Multilingual Support


We connect with people in a meaningful way

We embrace cultural & linguistic diversity

We recognize that culture & language bring variety to our lives and we strive to value and appreciate diversity in all that we do. We care about the stories of those we work with and we are a safe space for them to get help.

We are honest & trustworthy

We believe in dealing humbly, honestly, and transparently with all parties with a spirit of ownership. We know we will make mistakes and when we do, we face the music. We educate and have honest conversations with our clients & vendors. We value teamwork, community, and integrity in all that we do.

We believe in peace of mind

We know that clients come to us to solve a problem, to ease the pain. We walk the talk by delivering on our commitments 100%, striving to meet or beat expectations, making it easy to work with us, and bringing happiness to their lives.

We build bridges

We recognize that our realities are largely based on language & life experience. We make it possible for diverse people to understand each other.

We never stop learning

We strive to gain knowledge, have imagination, value innovation, and practice skills that help us serve our clients & vendors better each day.

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