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Option #1
Full Human Translation & Editing (FHT)

- Highest Accuracy
- Longest turnaround times
- High cost

Option #2
AI-Enhanced Machine Translation with (Human) Post-Editing (MTPE)

- High accuracy
- Short turnaround times
- Moderate cost (up to 50% savings over FHT)

Option #3
Raw AI or Neural Machine Translation (MT)

- Lowest accuracy
- Short turnaround times
- Low cost (up to 90% savings over FHT)

Option #4
Translation Validation

- High accuracy
- Short turnaround times
- Low cost (up to 75% savings over FHT)

Other Services

Glossary Development

Your brand connects with your clients and consumers through the tone of voice and style of its copywriting. It’s one thing in a single language, but complexity compounds across multiple languages and can result in low-quality translations. We help you develop a glossary to standardize terms you use in the source language, which may include definitions or company-approved translations, and translate them for you.

Translation Memory Management

Translation memory is a database that captures past translations for use in future translations. Past translations can be reused in new projects, with various options for more control over the content, quality, style and automatic translations. Our team compares these translations in a translation memory, allowing us to leverage your past translations, thus reducing costs over time.


In contrast to translation (written text), interpretation is the act of converting one language to another, usually performed by a professional in real-time. Forms of interpretation include in person, video remote interpreting or over-the-phone interpretation. We have the expertise to provide you with the interpreting solution that best meets your needs.


Today’s age has opened up a world of online learning opportunities, making it easier than ever for companies and schools to create training programs that can be used worldwide. Our linguists can translate corporate training programs, certification programs, help documentation, online testing, and more.


Most people want to browse the internet in their own language. The same applies to purchasing products online. If your site is available in one language only, you run the risk of losing potential customers. eCommerce websites might want to translate content such as product descriptions, customer support emails, FAQs, self-serve help documents, user review translations, and more.

Video Subtitling

Adding subtitles to your videos can boost view time by 12 percent, according to Facebook. Subtitles increase your video's social reach, and when translated, can increase the reach internationally.

Video Voiceover

Voiceover, also known as dubbing, is recording a voice in the target language so international audiences can better understand a video’s content. With our vast network of talented linguists, we can offer a variety of voice styles and types using professional studio audio recording.

Website Localization

Websites look different internationally (e.g., text expansion and contraction), and internet users are likely to stay twice as long if the website is in their own language. Our linguists ensure website content is translated in a linguistically and culturally appropriate way, but also ensure layout, navigation, colors, symbols, and images are modified to portray the right cultural messages.

Software Localization

Software and apps could be simply translated and be easy enough to use. However, software localization adapts the software to both the language and the culture. This is not only translation, but design and UX changes to make the software look and feel natural to the target user.

Translation Validation

Translation validation is useful to prove that translation provided from a program translation procedure is correct. This usually offers formal documents for proof, and the process includes either two linguists or a single linguist and computer translation translating at the same time, then combining and checking those translations against the other to validate.

AI-Powered Translation & Localization

AI-powered translation & localization services revolutionize global communication, seamlessly bridging language barriers to deliver accurate and culturally nuanced content, enhancing user experience and expanding market reach.

Fast Solutions: Machine Translation Experts

Translation offerings are 100% Human Translation, Raw Machine Translation and Machine Translation with Human Post Editing.