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There has always been a need for the translation of languages in society. Historically this was done by human hands, but with the technological advancements of today, machines have been used to refine the process. Computer programs now do the heavy lifting and reduce the time and cost for those who need translations. Add in a watchful human eye to review the finished product and you get MTPE.

MTPE is great when you need a high level of accuracy but aren’t as concerned with sensitivity and creativity. Words that need to be translated are fed into a computer program that will match words between languages. Because certain words don’t have an exact parallel, the machine translation is imperfect and needs a little help to communicate effectively. That’s why we follow software translation with trained human translators. They will work through the document and edit any errors that misconstrue the intended message.

This process typically takes about half the amount of time of full-human translation. This is because the raw materials are already there for an editor to work through. This also makes MTPE cost-effective because it requires less human labor. If you need higher quality than a simple machine translation but are concerned about budget or turnaround time, MTPE is a fantastic option.

MTPE can be used in so many situations but works best with moderate or large quantities of translation. Blog posts, website content, newsletters, and subtitles are great candidates for MTPE. It also works great for sharing research and survey responses. Because MTPE translations approach the quality of full-human translations but are faster and cheaper, they are a great option for businesses who want quality on a budget.

Machine translation with human post-editing is changing the game for businesses by dropping costs and creating a finished product in half the time. Metafraze is proud to champion MTPE because it allows us to provide high quality translations that communicate effectively to people of all languages and cultures. In the words of our founder, Aaron Alder, at Metafraze we “love interacting with people from around the world, observing their cultures, expanding [our] horizons, [and] gaining fresh perspectives”. MTPE has allowed us to do that, and gives other businesses the ability to do so as well.

Though the process has changed over time, translation is still in high demand all over the world. Using MTPE, Metafraze is helping businesses to reach new markets faster and cheaper than ever before. If your business wants to effectively reach global markets, then MTPE may be just what you need. To learn more, reach out to us at (801) 471-0417 or get a free quote here

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