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To increase your business opportunities and growth in international markets, your company website should provide localized translation for customers in their native languages. Here are a few ways website translation can help accelerate international sales and growth for your company:

Optimizes customers experiences

Customers need to have a positive experience on your website in order to have them buy your product or service, rather than a competitor’s. Translating your website can help improve customers experiences visiting your website as they are able to understand and interact on your website with ease in their native language.

Increases accessibility to customers

Translating your website makes your website more accessible, culturally and linguistically, for specific markets. Websites translated into specific target languages better meets the needs of customers as they can better understand what service or product you are selling in their native language.

Improves search engine ranking

Translating your website also increases its search engine success, making your website more likely to be at the top of a search page, increasing customers.

Enhances your brand and trust

Providing customers with a website translated into their native language, increases their trust in your company and brand. A well-translated website not only makes it easy for customers to understand your product or service, but specifically targets their shopping culture and preferences. When customers feel their needs are being met, they are more likely to trust your brand and return.

Translating your website is an investment in your international business presence online. At Metafraze and Same Day Translations, we want to help you and your business succeed. Reach out to us at [email protected] or  [email protected] for a quote or with any questions about how we can help you expand your business internationally with website translation.