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We understand the power of language, and how the right words at the right time can make or break the situation at hand.

We also understand that the ability to speak or write competently in a foreign language is a skill that often elevates employees above their colleagues.

The same is true for businesses and entrepreneurs with a product or service to share across borders. While English may be the most spoken language in the world, to those who don’t speak the language fluently, an attempt to communicate in their native language will go a very long way.

We are living and working in a world that is increasingly global, and while English is universally spoken, it isn’t the only language spoken. Meeting business prospects half way by communicating in their native language shows that you care about making an effort.

In many ways, getting the attention of a foreign business prospect is like going on a blind date. Are you going to wear a scruffy t-shirt with a questionable message emblazoned on it and jeans with holes in them, or are you going to present yourself in attire that conveys the right impression?

You want that second date, right?

That’s what we thought. When you make the effort to reach someone on their territory, you are one step closer to building a partnership or relationship that is mutually beneficial. And, you’ve also conveyed to the prospect that you are wise enough to understand that not everyone conducts business in English.

Those of you who’ve traveled abroad will bear out this statement: American travelers sometimes get a bad rap – and quite deservedly so – for not making an effort to communicate in a language other than English. That level of arrogance puts people off, for sure. But, when a traveler makes an effort to ask questions in a foreign language, most people will respond in kind and even be gracious enough to help out.

Now let’s apply the idea to business communication and documents.

All of this is our long-winded way of saying that if you don’t have employees who speak foreign languages, you don’t have to give up your dream of doing business globally. Translation services like ours will help your messaging, your product, your service, to rise above the fray. It will help you meet your potential customers on common ground. In addition, it will help you to build a relationship with them and, over time, develop an international following that is built on respect for what you do and, more importantly, respect for the fact that you made an effort to go above and beyond.

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